10W-30/SAE 30 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Oil

Designed to Outperform Conventional Diesel Oils


AMSOIL 10W-30/SAE 30 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Oil is formu- lated with premium synthetic base oils that exceed both 10W-30 multi-grade and SAE 30 straight-grade viscosity requirements for out- standing performance in modern and older diesel engines. Unlike conventional SAE 30 motor oils, AMSOIL Heavy Duty Diesel Oil has a naturally high viscosity index and does not contain paraf n (wax). It has a low pour point and quali es for SAE 10W, making it an all- season multi-grade lubricant with a wide operating temperature range. AMSOIL Heavy Duty Diesel Oil is formulated without viscosity index (VI) improvers. This shear-stable formulation is designed to reduce viscos- ity loss and associated bearing and cylinder bore wear. AMSOIL 10W- 30/SAE 30 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Oil contains premium additives with a high 12 TBN to neutralize acids from blow-by, exhaust gas re- circulation (EGR) and high-sulfur diesel fuels. It helps protect against damaging piston deposits, ring sticking and sludge.

AMSOIL, the leader in automotive synthetic lubrication, produced the world’s rst API-quali ed synthetic motor oil in 1972. Trust the exten- sive experience of AMSOIL, The First in Synthetics,® to do the best job protecting your engine.