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An Idea Was Born

February 20, 2014, while servicing a yacht with AMSOIL, a customer approached and asked if we had copies of his vessel’s fluid reports and an idea was born. After consulting experts in the marine industry and undertaking market research, we realized there was a need for retrieving data and supplying comprehensive information about vessel fluids to the Captain or Engineer. A few months later in October 25, 2014, we launched Marine Fluid Analysis to provide a proactive means of data analysis and information retrieval about vessel fluids.

Why choose us

Marine Fluid Analysis is committed to helping clients predict potential trouble with their vessel early.  Our team of knowledgeable technicians specialize in providing detailed evaluations for your vessels oil, fuel and coolants.


Marine Fluid Analysis provides advanced testing services and product to the industry so Captains and Engineers have the best guidance for extending the life of their vessels engine.


David Boone is a qualified yacht surveyor and AMSOIL lubricant specialist with years of experience in the marine industry.


Marine Fluid Analysis reports are detailed, accurate, factual and impartial. We believe it is our duty to provide the best service, quality and depth of survey to give you absolute confidence in us, your analysis and your vessel.

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