1. We have vast experience

Marine Fluid Analysis was founded in 2010 on founder Dave Boone’s vision to make fluid analysis simple for Captains and Engineers to manage their vessels data.

Dave Boone is a highly-certified master mechanic in the automotive and marine industries for over 10 years. His knowledge, and experience in both industries allows him to provide clients with expert, trusted advise that can help to improve the performance and reliability of your vessels’ operation.

As an industry expert in the lubrication industry for over 20 years, Mr. Boone focuses on meeting the needs of his clients, and helps to select the right world-class product – AMSOIL.  Marine Fluid Analysis can drop ship your AMSOIL product to the location of your vessel. Contact Dave Boone today: 517-891-1316

2. Certified specialists

Without a thorough knowledge of marine engine and confirming this knowledge, a specialist can harm the customer. The competence of our specialists is confirmed by the certificates of the world guide.

3. We repair all VESSELS

We are proud that we can analyze almost any vessel. We will help you effectively manager your fluid analysis program, optimize equipment performance and extend fluid drain intervals.

What people say

Hundreds of satisfied customers